In today’s market, all roads eventually lead to your website and hence Synergy Creations creates strategies to ensure your website captures leads and is planned for maximum conversions.


In effect, your website is like a digital business card. The very first look at your online store will decide whether a customer would want to get in, and with any luck, stay on and shop. With the new SEO guidelines in place, you cannot do without original, addictive, sticky content. Your customers must be willing to crawl through a server for something unique to experience in your store, and this includes navigation and other ergonomics of your web property, that Synergy Creations as a website design service provides in the fullest measure.

For an Effective Website

  • Content- Informative, find-able, attractive, easily understood
  • Domain and Hosting- aligned with business and easy to use
  • Site Structure, Architecture, Navigation – “Don’t make me think”
  • Usability- Tailored to the visitor’s need (is user facing any challenges)
  • Compatibility- Browser and Device (is the webSearch-ability- Easily picked up for search queries that matter
  • Content Management Systems- Easy to use, scalable Example: WordPress
  • Analytics- You need to measure , else how can you improve?

site compatible on all devices