Yearbooks & Magazines

Now Creating your Yearbook couldn’t get easier!

At Synergy Creations, we offer you complete integrated services through a specialized division dedicated to the creation of yearbooks.

What you get is what we term as ‘The Synergy Advantage’ – an entire gamut of services at a single place, enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs and meeting the most stringent deadlines with ease.


We collect and compile information from various sources – your facebook page, website, newsletters, emails personal visits, interviews with key persons and more… We will co-ordinate with the various content providers and help you to develop content. We serve as an in-house agency, almost like an extension of your School, College or University.


We develop and offer multiple concepts and themes for the cover and the various sections of the book based on the information provided and what you perceive as important. Over the years we have been developing concepts that are not only original, but also relevant, interesting and easy to understand.


A team of seasoned and well-experienced Art Directors, Visualizers and Graphic Artists will create an attractive masthead, design a beautiful cover and develop vibrant and engaging pages. We keep vital aspects like brand identity and communication guidelines in mind while designing your yearbook. Books done by us have a distinctly professional look.

Content writing

Our creative Copywriters and Content Editors will weave magic into your yearbook with their vast experience in the highly creative fields of advertising, media and journalism. We undertake Content Development, Editing and Re-drafting of Content.


Often, when we do a yearbook or magazine, we go to the school or to the venue of the event and conduct a professional live shoot. Being an internal resource, costs are reduced greatly even while quality standards are very high.

Proof Reading

We believe in doing a job to perfection. With a keen eye for detail, our experienced and qualified content developers and editors endeavor to make sure that the end-result is precise and error-free. We go beyond checking for errors in spelling. We look into aspects like language, grammar, alignments, fonts and a lot more.


Once your design is ready and approved by you, we will deliver a premium quality printed book as per your requirements. Choose from a wide array of printing options: hard or soft cover, gloss or matt lamination, etc. Or simply choose to have an e-book version or a combination of print and e-book.


For a fraction of the cost of printed yearbooks, we can create interactive and engaging E-books. You can present your content with page-flipping effects, videos, highlighted links, a table of contents and search options. Sharing your e-book is very easy – just send a link to your publication via email or embed your document into your website or Facebook feed.

With experience of 18 years, our people and systems are specially geared to create, design and execute yearbooks and magazines, from start to finish. We’re all in this together.
We will collaborate with your faculty, students and parents to create a yearbook you truly deserve.

Nine benefIts of our E-yearbookS

Interactivity – audio,videos, links

Cross-browser compatibility

Cost effective

Comfortable & easyto-use interface

Easy sharing &access


Great look on any device

easy to update content

Fast loading, noneed to download

Theming your book

As you think more about your design plans, you’ll probably start constructing a theme for your book. This could be something simple like incorporating your school colours or could be a much larger book-wide theme such as a journal style or Harry Potter concept.

Developing a theme will help to tie everything together and give your book a consistent feel. Why not jot down your school colours and other ideas here as you get started:

Colour palettes

You can’t beat a splash of colour when it comes to creating interesting pages, and your colour palette is a great starting place when developing a theme for your book. Perhaps you’d like to stick to traditional school colours or add to the celebration of it all by making things nice and vibrant! Either way we’ve got you covered with our fully customisable 5-colour palette. On top of these colour choices, you’ll also have black and white for instant print perfection.

Font palettes

We use Google web fonts to provide the best selection of fonts around and with over 600 to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that suits! You can incorporate up to 5 fonts per spread so you can create all sorts of designs for profile entries, article pages and more!


We’ll provide you with a range of backgrounds that you can use to really brighten up your pages. Don’t worry, it’s not cheesy stock imagery – we take great care in handpicking backgrounds which work well in print. From subtle paper textures, flat colours to themed designs, there’s plenty of variety to make your book truly unique – we can even make you a custom design using your logo or a photo of the school! 🙂

Collecting Data for your yearbook

Profiles usually play a big part in a yearbook as they give each child an opportunity to write a little about their best memories, favourite classes and so on. Depending on how comfortable you feel using our system, we have different support levels to suit all.

If you’re not sure which would suit your group best we’d be happy to talk to you about the various options.

The cool, calm and collaborative option

Our online system was built with collaboration in mind so get a team together and get creative. You can invite the class group (or their parent/guardian) to join you in the book with restricted access to their own profiles so they can be completing their profiles independently. Members will also be able to upload any photos they have from trips and events and add them to the pool of photos for editors to use in collages and article pages 🙂

The DIY or ‘design it yourself’ option

This option really puts you in the driving seat as you create beautiful pages from a blank canvas. Our easy to use online system allows you to add components to the page so you can pop a title there, a photo or two here and a little quote there! If you’re not feeling that brave, choose from premade page templates and simply drag and drop your images into place and fill out the existing text boxes.

The offline option

If the prospect of using the internet fills you with dread, keep calm and work offline! We’ll be happy to send you a free memory stick to collect your data and photos on, and to give us a design brief.

Simply return your memory stick to us by the agreed submission date and let our design team take care of the hard work for you. Download the full, print resolution PDF of the book to proofread before printing and hey presto, yearbook done!

Choosing a great profile layout

When you get started, let us know roughly how you want your book to look and we can help you select the perfect template. Perhaps you’d like 3 nice photos per profile and a small amount of text space or perhaps a double spread for each child? All of our templates are customisable to suit your needs and your support coordinator will be on hand to assist you 🙂

If you’re unsure what you need, don’t panic! You can always change your mind later and adapt the layouts according to how much each child has written or how many photos you’re sent.

Left with gaps at the end of profiles? Why not move the gaps to the start and use them for a title, or add in a mini-collage or quick quote from a teacher 🙂

Don’t forget those that left early! A short’ not forgetting’ list will help your children remember friends past and present 🙂


The school year can be pretty hectic and you’ve probably had to prepare for all sorts of events and dress up days over the several years of primary life. Be sure to gather in as many photos from these days as possible so you can fill your books with wonderful collages and memories!

Victorian day
World book day
In class

For best results, we recommend adding between 6 and 20 photos per page


In 2016, we printed around 45,000 yearbooks so we know what makes them great! Your collages are going to entertain you for years to come so it’s worth spending some time getting them just right 🙂 Here are some top tips and common problems..

Yearbook awards

Yearbook awards are a great way to celebrate the uniqueness of each child in the class, and who doesn’t love to win an award right?! Have a look at these sample awards categories for ideas – don’t worry, you can always amend the results if needs be!

Awards suggestions

– Most likely to become Prime Minister
– Most likely to be famous
– Most likely to win a Nobel Prize
– Most likely to win an Olympic Medal
– Most likely to win X Factor
– Most likely to become a teacher

– Most likely to break a world record
– Most likely to become a comedian
– Most likely to become a famous author
– Most likely to be a footballer
– Most likely to lose a winning lottery ticket

Awards page designs

When it comes to designing your awards pages, you can opt for something more text based or more graphical. Text based pages often features the categories and winners in lists on the page, and are a good space saver if you have a lot of categories!

Alternatively you might enjoy adding medals, photos and charts to your awards pages for more dynamic results!

Making great pages

You don’t have to be a designer (or pay one) to pull off great yearbook pages! We’ll provide you with all the tools and tricks of the trade so you can make a first class yearbook from the comfort of your sofa. If you’re ever unsure though, you can always call upon our team to give you a second opinion or make suggestions!

Include headers & footers (or not)

Choose whether you’d like to include headers and footers or turn them off completely.

Build up layers

Add layers of content for a rich and interesting page design.