YearBooks & Magazines

Yearbooks& Magazines

– Creating your yearbook couldn’t get easier!

At Synergy Creations, we offer you complete integrated services through a specialized division dedicated to the creation of yearbooks and Publications. What you get is what we term as ‘The Synergy Advantage’ – an entire gamut of services at a single place, enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs and meeting the most stringent deadlines with ease.

From co-ordinating with the teacher or person in charge and the various content providers to copywriting engaging content and developing vibrant pages, our experienced team will whip up 500-watt ideas, high voltage designs and beautiful layouts for your yearbook. With experience of 18 years, our people and systems are specially geared to create, design and execute yearbooks and magazines, from start to finish. We’re all in this together. We will collaborate with your faculty, students and parents to create a yearbook you truly deserve.

At our specialized division, we offer you the following services:


Research: We collect and compile detailed information from various sources – through personal visits, interviews with key persons, your facebook page, your website or newsletters and emails, and more. We will co-ordinate with the various content providers helping you in writing the content, editing, collating the pictures and stories and then create the pages and sections on various topics to highlight and commemorate the past year, including academics, student life, sports, clubs, other major school events, collage pages and articles, awards pages, and farewell messages from friends and teachers. We serve as an in-house agency, almost like an extension of your School, College or University.

Concept: Based on the information received and depending on what you perceive as important, we develop a concept and theme for the cover and the various sections of the book. Over the years we have been developing concepts that are not only original, but also relevant, interesting and easy to understand. We generally offer multiple concepts and approaches for the client to choose from.


Designing: We have a team of seasoned and well-experienced Art Directors, Visualizers and Graphic Artists to create an attractive masthead, design a beautiful cover and develop vibrant and engaging pages.We keep vital aspects like brand identity and communication guidelines in mind while designing youry.

Copywriting: Our creative Copywriters and Content Editors weave magic into your yearbook with their vast experience in the highly creative fields of advertising, media and journalism. We undertake Content Development, Editing and Re-drafting of Content.

Green copywriting button on a white keyboard

Photography: Yearbooks done by us have a distinctly professional ‘look’. Part of the credit for this goes to our professional in-house photography department. Often, when we do a yearbook or magazine, we go to the school or to the venue of the event and conduct a professional live shoot. Being an internal resource, costs are reduced greatly even while quality standards are very high.

Proof Reading: We believe in doing a job to perfection. With a keen eye for detail, our experienced and qualified content developers and editors endeavor to make sure that the end-result is precise and error-free. We go beyond checking for errors in spelling. We look into aspects like language, grammar, alignments, fonts and a lot more.

Printing or e-book: Once your design is ready and approved by you, we will deliver a premium quality printed book as per your requirements. Choose from a wide array of printing options: hard or soft covers, gloss or matt lamination, etc. Or simply choose to have an e-book version or a combination of print and e-book.


As Kevin McGrath, content marketing expert at Beacon, says in hisarticle: “Ebook is an opportunity to give detailed insight on an area of expertise, enhance marketers’ reputation, and most importantly to generate new leads.”

What are the ways to make an ebook strategy work?

With our ebooks there is no need to wait for it to download – it’s always available online and clients can access it wherever they want.It offers broad options for analytics. You can track how long the clients read the ebook, the pages where they stayed for the longest time, the country they were from, and many other statistics that are available in Google Analytics. Our Ebooks can be easily viewed on mobile devices, so it’s a great opportunity to gather contact emails from the mobile devices. Not many people open PDFs on their smartphones.You can change the content in real time – updating, adding info, and correcting mistakes without having to send the file again. The updated ebook will be available via the same link. The content is protected – you can disable the download option to prevent the ebook from being downloaded and shared, if you wish.

We know what a crucial role these documents play in your work!

Our e-books are done in HTML5, an online format that is specially designed for web. HTML5 allows you to do everything online without using any additional software such as browser plugins. It’s also cross-platform and lets you work with any device you want: a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Our E-books look awesome on the web, and they will be fast and work flawlessly on any device.

Six benefits that HTML5 can give your sales and marketing documents

Benefit 1: Great Look

E-books created in HTML 5, compared to PDFs, have great viewing quality on the web. They look good on your website or your smartphone’s display. Your files are available via link in the browser and have more chances to be viewed online because there’s no need to waste time and download them. It can drive sales and traffic to your website, and clients will stay there longer.

Benefit 2: Cross-browser compatibility

When you are in the field or face to face with a client, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your documents. You can be sure that they will look gorgeous and open quickly. They will be tailored for every browser and display flawlessly on any device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Benefit 3: Comfortable and easy-to-use interface

When you take part in exhibitions and meet with customers, you often have to find specific product details very quickly. Our E-books allow you to easily navigate through flipbooks thanks to a convenient table of contents and text search that help you to find any information, word, or title just in seconds.

Benefit 4: Fast loading

Our E-books makes your sales and marketing documents of any size load quickly. You can send a link to a certain page requested by your client, and the page will open immediately. Your client can start reading right away without waiting for the whole file to load. This can be a big advantage in our fast-moving world, don’t you think?

Benefit 5: Easy sharing

Sharing your sales content is also very easy. You don’t have to attach large files to emails anymore. You just send a link to your publication via email or embed your document into your website or Facebook feed.

Benefit 6: Interactivity

With your interactive and engaging E-books, you can present your sales content at its best and drive clients’ attention to it with page-flipping effects, highlighted links, and a table of contents.

Annual Reports

– It’s more than just numbers…. Bringing your annual report to life!

From attractive layout and design to well written copy and correctly represented financial information, we develop content and design annual reports that effectively communicate important information to your stakeholders. We’ll save your staff time, stress, and hassle by spearheading the entire project from start to finish. Our objective is to deliver clear, positive and easily understood shareholder information by combining impactful data visualization with a structured narrative. The pages within an annual report give the reader an opportunity to judge an organization, not so much on financial data, but on its values, corporate culture, governing philosophy and future plans. A strong design ensures that your company communicates effectively with its readers. In collaboration with your staff, we will create an informative, attractive, and well-designed annual report.

Brochures & Catalogues

– We work hard to make you look good!

A Brochure is your spokesman. Its purpose is to introduce your company, your products or services, and to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. Brochures are key in sales. We first invest time in understanding your business thoroughly. Based on such analysis, we offer complete solutions from concept to reality.

For the past 18 years, we have been creating attractive brochures with modern designs and bold copywriting, in print and e-book version. Visuals speak louder than words and our brochures and catalogue designs are a visual treat in themselves. Whether you need a corporate brochure, trifold brochure, or a catalog we have the expertise to deliver on time and at a price that works for you.We will handle your entire brochure or catalogue, right from the initial concept to the delivery of the printed piece. After all, we consider ourselves an extension of your business!